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Editor's Choice
⫸ Academic non-fiction.
⫸ No popular history, unless it's been reviewed in an academic journal.
⫸ Updated regularly!

○ Strictly speaking, the Victorian era is 1837-1901. I use a 'long 19th century' approach instead.

My fave topics:

♡ Gender & sexuality.
- Lots of class & masculinity (my area of study!).
- Women & sexuality: everything from the expectations of a married upper-class woman to the state's abuse of sex workers.
- Same-sex subcultures, experiences, & identies.
- How these...
Editor's Choice
•Hand Sewing
•Machine Sewing
•Manufacturing/Altering/Mending of Clothing and Home-Goods
•Embroidering (Including Crewel-work)
•Punch Needle-work