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Editor's Choice
Patterns, styles, skills, descriptions and walkthroughs, all the things necessary for making well-fitted and attractive clothing, as well as building a useful wardrobe.
Embroidery, cross stitch, crewel work, different types and patterns for making things pretty with different embroidery techniques
Homesteading, gardening, animal raising, all the things
Beginning permaculture, incorporating it into a plan, urban permaculture, creating a food forest, permaculture as part of self-sufficient garden
Charcuterie, canning, drying, freezing, sugaring, salting, smoking, and any other method of preparing homegrown food for storage and use
Good wild plants to eat, plants to avoid, hot to harvest, how to preserve
How to raise small and “mid-sized” animals as part of a self-sufficient goal; meat, eggs, fiber, scat,
How to handle, care for, and harvest your animals, in a safe and humane way.
Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series